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National OnDemand is Bringing Fiber to the Farm, and the Farm to the Future

The Impact of East Texas Fiber Project on Farmers and Ranchers

The internet is now regarded as one of life’s necessities. With a phenomenon like the “Internet of Things” gaining popularity, having access to high-speed internet has become imperative to economic stability and growth within a region. While fiber optic cable has been laid across the US, and the country has embraced digital transformation successfully to a large extent, the rural communities of East Texas are still stuck in digital limbo. However, it’s time to shake things up. East Texas Fiber Project is an initiative that aims to change the future of farmers and ranchers by bringing fiber to the home.

East Texas is the home of temperate grasslands, ranchlands, remnant oak forests, Longhorn, and cowboys. Residents are deeply involved in the agricultural sector with expansive cattle ranching, and the economy is led by the trade of cotton, lumber, cattle, and oil. However, like every other sector, agriculture can also make use of modern technology. While many people find it hard to imagine farmers and ranchers using smartphones and the internet for their benefit, the role of high-speed internet in creating awareness, introducing new practices, and automating the agricultural processes is a tangible reality.

East Texas Fiber Project by National OnDemand is a substantial step towards making the internet accessible to the rural communities of the agriculture-led East Texas by planting over 3,000 miles of fiber optic cable.

Here’s how this project is going to change the fate of farmers and ranchers in East Texas:

Access to Data

Those with a keen eye on the fast-changing trends in agriculture have foreseen internet connectivity becoming as crucial as a tractor in the future. As fiber optic cable makes its way into the rural areas of East Texas, a vast amount of information will be available for the farmers and ranchers, which would assist them in making profitable decisions related to the agriculture industry. The farming sector is bound to witness a boost as farmers will get one-click access to all the latest statistics regarding crop cultivation, fertilizer application, harvesting, water and pest management, quality management, and marketing.

Ease of Procurement

Having a high-speed internet connection at home would mean that farmers and ranchers would enjoy the ease of procurement, just like you enjoy online shopping. E-commerce is booming, and farmers deserve to enter the marketplace with a bang! The internet is full of websites offering all the farming essentials. The East Texas Fiber Project, upon completion, would help the farmers save transportation costs as well as valuable time. They would be able to buy input products for crop and livestock production at better rates than they would get via conventional means. When buying seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, the competition on the internet leads to lower rates and better customer experience. Using the fast internet, farmers will check out product specifications, compare prices, read reviews, place orders, make online payments, and get the products delivered without leaving their farms.

Agriculture Investments

Through a high-speed internet connection, farmers and ranchers in East Texas would be able to attract investments. Several ranchers wish to buy and sell cattle online, and several farmers would love to utilize the online monitoring option for their crops. With high-speed data transmission, they will reach investors, insurance firms, banks, and factories easily. They will also get a chance to use the internet for online advertisements and marketing. Livestock producers would also get an opportunity to engage in local internet auctions.

Online Training

Experts around the world are talking animatedly about smart agriculture. But, the frustratingly slow internet connectivity in East Texas leaves the residents disconnected from what’s happening around the world. How can one expect a farmer to attend online classes when a single webpage takes several minutes to load? When provided with high-speed internet through fiber optic cable, both private and public organizations would be able to reach the farmers and help them through online training sessions. These farmers would get exposed to emerging technologies and would gain valuable knowledge about livestock and crop monitoring, sowing seeds, weather conditions, and the latest machinery.

Smart Agriculture

Having a high-speed internet connection at homes would take these farmers and ranchers towards smart agriculture. They will be able to connect agriculture gadgets to monitor climate and weather conditions. They would also be using the Global Positioning System (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS) to conduct more precise farming and share real-time data.


The East Texas Fiber Project by National OnDemand might be the next big thing for the rural community of the region. With better opportunities and business prospects, farmers and ranchers won’t have to shift to cities for the future of their generations. The fiber optic cable will provide them with a high-speed internet connection, which will prepare them for the years to come and fill the current digital gap. This project is going to take fiber to the farm and the farm to the future.