Cable Technician

An Introduction to the Cable Technician Job

If you are reading this, you’re already benefiting from the information traveling through some type of cable. Data cables are found in our homes, streets, public buildings and offices. They line our walls and interlace beneath the paths we walk and drive on our daily commute.

Considering a career change or looking for a refresher in cable technician work? Continue reading below to learn how the pay and benefits, as well as the job responsibilities of a cable technician in the telecommunications industry.

Our Cable Technicians Receive INCREDIBLE Benefits... Compare and See!

Your overall qualifications, years of experience, and even location will affect your general pay range. Your salary is predicted to increase, though, as the demand for cable installation is rapidly growing. National OnDemand offers a production bonus in addition to a base wage, so the more active you are in your work, the more you can earn.

When working in the telecommunications industry, you may expect to receive benefits that could include medical insurance, sick leave, and vacation days. When working with National OnDemand, you’ll get all these, plus you’ll receive tools and apparel, free life insurance, dental and vision coverage, paid time off, disability insurance, an Employee Assistance Program, and a company vehicle with a fuel card.

Cable technician testing existing infrastructure in a New Orleans, Louisiana business

National OnDemand believes in investing in its employees. Our comprehensive benefits enable our team members to live healthy and happy lives, inside and outside of work. The bonuses, insurance, and perks we provide our employees only further demonstrate how much we value our team. Additionally, our company vehicles and fuel cards eliminate travel costs, to and from work. We are here to support our team members, Anytime. Anywhere.

As a National OnDemand employee, after about three weeks on the job, you will receive your first paycheck, and will be paid weekly thereafter. If you’re interested in joining the National OnDemand team, visit

National OnDemand Can Have You industry-Ready in Six Weeks

Although some technical training is preferred, you don’t need to have an educational degree or previous experience in cable installation to be a technician. Having fundamental computer skills and a passion for the job is a great place to start. Additionally, you’ll need a high school diploma, a valid driver’s license, and authorization to work in the United States to join the team. Most companies like National OnDemand will also request drug and background checks for full-time employees for the safety of our clients and customers.

Cable technician servicing the underground cable at a residence near Mandeville, Louisiana

This field is rapidly expanding, making it an excellent opportunity for you to experience a new challenge and begin a successful career in telecommunications. If you decide to join National OnDemand, you will receive additional training from us to better understand our installation practices and techniques. These training sessions are typically six weeks in duration and are designed to give you hands-on experience. Our comprehensive training curriculum aims to improve your skills and decrease work incidents. You’ll receive training on not only cables and installation but also proper safety measures. Hard skills like knowing how to use hand tools go a long way toward strengthening your resume.

A Cable Technician’s Job Responsibilities Involves…. Cables!

A cable technician is responsible for installing new high speed internet, telephone or video services. They also maintain existing services provided by internet service providers. The main focus of cable technicians is found in the name: cables. Cables carry signals across long distances at speeds previously unimaginable. Data cables are created in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each serve different purposes.

Coaxial and fiber cables are currently two of the most used cables on the market as data transmission lines. They carry data at high speeds through broadband networking systems and data busses. Aside from internet, coaxial cables also route cable television and telephone signals while connecting radio transmitters and receivers to their respective antenna. Cable technicians utilize these cables as they connect or maintenance necessary services for homes and businesses.

Often working in homes, offices and other commercial spaces, a cable technician changes his or her workspace on a daily, if not hourly basis.

As a cable technician, you’ll need to be able to work with minimal supervision and in sometimes stressful or time-sensitive situations. Your typical duties and responsibilities include:

  • Installing new cables
  • Maintaining or upgrading existing cables
  • Keeping inventory of necessary tools and materials, as well as time required for each assignment
  • Following all safety requirements to complete the project according to industry regulations and attend weekly safety meetings

After completing our training course, you’ll also be familiar with installation procedures, techniques, and the various tools and equipment required. This job is physically demanding and the workspace changes frequently. Although portions of the position may be completed inside, a percentage of the work will also inherently be completed outside in varying weather and air conditions. To be a cable technician, you must be able to:

  • Lift and carry up to 80 pounds
  • Climb ladders up to 28' with total load capacity of 300 pounds
  • Work in attics and other limited-space areas
  • Bend, kneel, crouch, and stand for long periods

At National OnDemand, cable technicians are mainly a part of our Last Mile Division. The “last mile” refers to the final step in installing networks, connecting people’s homes! As part of the Last Mile Division, cable technicians need strong customer service skills as they work 1-on-1 with customers in installing cables in the most efficient and safe way possible. Additionally, cable technicians need to be able to communicate clearly as they have a limited time to complete each installation.

High Speed Internet is here to stay, and so are Cable Technicians

Technology is constantly advancing, and yesterday’s infrastructure just can’t keep up. People want fast and reliable internet. The U.S. Senate recently passed a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill to improve the country’s infrastructure and promote universal broadband access to high speed internet. This investment will create well-paying jobs and grow our nation’s wealth, allowing more Americans to participate in the economy. If you enter the telecommunications industry now, you will have solid job security due to the rising demand for trained and certified installation technicians.

National OnDemand meets the demands of our industry through the commitment and hard work of our dedicated employees. Collaborating with internet service providers to improve internet speed test scores is a part of that process. We work across the U.S. to connect communities to the network services they need for success. Broadband network growth is also aimed at years of development, not just months. As a cable technician, you will be part of that last mile in bringing cable services to customers.

Apply for an Open Position if You Have What it Takes

Being a cable technician can be a physically demanding and complex job. You need to have strong analytical and communication skills to perform your assigned duties successfully, be able to work both inside and outside in all weather, as well as carry heavy equipment around. Despite these challenges, it requires no degree, has excellent pay, and typically provides on-site training.

If you are interested in being a cable technician, visit our careers page to learn how to become a part of our team. National OnDemand, Inc. prides itself on always maintaining high standards and prioritizing safety on every construction project. Join our network of talented professionals as we help customers looking for “internet service providers near me.” Set yourself up for a long and successful career with National OnDemand!

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